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The villages

During your trip, you can be welcomed in homestays if you wish to and meet people from diffrent tribes.

But to discover as much as possible the local way of life and live intense sharing moments, three communities offer you homestays. These immersions are created and managed by the villagers themselves: improvement of their accommodations, selection of cooks and local guides, choice of the number of travellers welcomed in the village, price of the homestay. It helps them to be more autonomous by generating additionnal incomes for the families. We make sure we respect their private life and cultures, while offering you a unique and authentic experience !

Endallah, immersion with Iraqw tribe

Endallah is a small village in the region of Lake Manyara, close to Mwo wa Mbu and Karatu where the Iraqw tribe lives. 

You are welcomed in the house of John (our founder) and Mama Happy (his wife), in rooms that have been build specifically for our travellers, with private bathroom and toilets.

The immersion in Endallah allows you to discover the Iraqw way of life. The Iraqw people are mostly farmers. John Karama, the local guide, guides you in the village to discover the schools, dispensary, small shops, teaches you how to recognize the different kind of medicinal herbs, and shows you the different farms to learn about crops and trees. For hiking-lovers, you can walk up to the high hills in the village to enjoy an outstanding view over Lake Manyara.

Nyamburi, immersion with the Kuria tribe

Nyamburi is a small village close to Mugumu on the North-Western side of Serengeti National Park. The Great Migration of wildebeests and zebras usually cross the village around June on its way to Mara !

You are welcomed by our guide Paulo’s family. They have built traditional Kuria huts in their « boma » (gathering of family huts) specifically for our travellers. European people rarely visit this village so the villagers are always very excited to welcome our travellers ! They are proud that travellers are interested in their culture and drive all the way to their village.

William is the local guide in Nyamburi and he is a former poacher. He helps you to discover the Kuria way of life and can discuss with you about any topic that interest you regarding his community: polygamy, poaching and rites of passage to adulthood like female genital mutilation. You share the daily life of Mama Paulo and the family: farm work, cooking and cattle management !

Engarasero, immersion with the Maasai tribe

Engarasero is a Maasai village located close to Lake Natron at the foot of the legendary Ol Doinyo Lengai, the sacred moutain for Maasai. 

You are welcome during the day by Yona and his family at the heart of thei « boma ». Here you won’t find any traditional dance or ceremony to welcome you. You discover the Maasai way of life and customs with your guide, without disturbing their daily life. You share the daily life of the family and learn everything you want to know about the Maasai: do they really drink cows blood from the throat ? Do they really have to kill a lion to become morans (warriors) ? Why do they wear red blankets ?